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I am President of my international HUMAN POTENTIALS CONSULTANT firm.

For 30 years I have been concerned with Holistic thinking studying Philosophy, Meditation, Psychology, Consciousness,  and Holistic health, especially our ability to heal body, mind and emotions  with the conscious use of our hands.  Since 1984 I have been pioneering HOLISTIC thought  and have had the opportunity to introduce these leading edge world views about Healing with our hands, clearing our emotions and consciousness in some European countries  where I am also a well known author.

 I lecture and give workshops in 4 languages, in Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Austria as well as in the USA, to healing, helping and other professionals. In these   seminars that I call "New Synthesis" of body, feelings-mind (emotions) and spirit; the focus are on the by me developed method "Feeling Dissolve"© and my adapted version of the American Krieger/Kunz Therapeutic Touch method of "healing with the hands" that I  learned in 1982, which I call Amplified Therapeutic Touch, to distinguish it from the classic Therapeutic Touch

I have been able to present this pioneering work by appearing on Television both in Europe and the USA.  Belgium's major paper "DE STANDAAD" featured an article about me on their front page, many other European papers and magazines have written about me. Many of my own articles have been published in diverse publications and have sometimes have been used as cover stories.

 My book "From the HEART through the HANDS" Unconditional Love and Therapeutic Touch, is published in several languages. It appeared in Germany in 1994 About Books and is going into its 9th printing, in Italy where it was published in 1995  into its 3rd and in Russia it was published  in early 1995.

It is currently awaiting publication in Spain and France as well as in the USA. The book which is considered a classic reference of matters regarding our spiritual nature, our light body system - it's function and Unconditional Love,  teaches both how to master the emotions by using Feeling Dissolve© and  to heal the body by using Amplified Therapeutic Touch.

I have been part of the visiting faculty of several institutions of higher learning in Europe. I am recognized for my seriousness and the value of my contribution in the leading edge of the Human Potential movement. My early working career consists of many years of business experience, in areas of personnel, merchandising, manufacturing and management; and in these latter years working at assisting others in their self healing process. I have a deep personal commitment to my own transformation and continued evolution. Ultimately my extensive experience in the field of Human Potential and interaction as related to healing, make me extremely well qualified to teach my newly adapted highly sophisticated form of HOLISTIC HUMAN POTENTIAL INTERACTION to individuals in all walks of  life.

After years of giving my workshop;  I have concluded that the HOLISTIC awareness that I assist in awakening in my participants and the procedure that are facilitated for them, can serve to enhance the personal and work life of people from all fields of endeavor. The Holistic stance, the need for complete presence, the ability to receive information with intuitive perception, the use of insightful "non provocative" communication, with an attitude of acceptance due to "Feeling Dissolve"© , are tools that are of service not only to the helping professionals, but are particularly useful in the field of business.

The method of THERAPEUTIC TOUCH was originally developed for health professionals, as a "Holistic" interaction between two human beings.  "Therapeutic Touch Consciousness" premises that the human being is an open energy system consisting of a series of electromagnetic fields in constant motion, interacting within themselves, with the environment, and those of others. Wellness consists of a maintained harmonious flow of these fields; disharmony creates un-wellness which transform into blocks and disturbances in these fields which can become organic or emotional problems.

"Feeling Dissolve"©s a knowing that we are affected energetically by unresolved feelings. To understand the why and how to dissolve these, the feelings have been categorized in 7 energy consuming feelings and 3 energy generating ones. Feeling Dissolve K is a method based on understanding Spiritual Psychology and Spiritual Anatomy, it is a self help energetic procedure that assists in living in harmony with ourselves and others.

7 energy consuming feelings and 3energy generating ones. How to "Feeling Dissolve"©

FD the Fifth State an article describing "Feeling Dissolve"©

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