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From my book  Unconditional Love

"UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. The new Synthesis of HEALING" or the European title "From the Heart through the Hands" Unconditional Love and Therapeutic Touch"  

German:"Vom Herzen durch die Hande" Bedingungslose Liebe und Therapeutic Touch. Bauer Verlag 1994,
Italian :"Dal Cuore atraverso le Mani" Amore incondizionale e Therapeutic Touch, Longanesi 1995
Russian "От Сердцa Чepeз Pуки"  Zalinski 1995.




The frequency of LOVE in its idyllic state for the human being represents a state of well being and happiness. A sense of oneness with others, of being understood and complemented, a feeling of completeness. It can be conducive to great produc­tivity and creativity. At its basis then Unconditional Love represents the non separate­ness of All that Is, it is a vibration of integra­tion. In a state of integration, as a frequency, the experience of judgement disappears, as there is a synthesis, a oneness, a wholeness, a knowingness, and it is limit­less.

Unconditional Love is all there is. In the state of Unconditional Love we enter into the essence of pure light which is total love. The reason for our being on this planet, is to learn to master Unconditional Love. This is the planet of Love, ironically as it might seem. 

Love, according to Scott Peck, is different from romance or sexual attraction. Love is demonstrated by the willingness to extend ourselves so as to nurture our own as well as another's spiritual growth [1]. To be able to enter into the synthesis of Unconditional Love of ourselves and others means achieving mental and spiritual maturation, which is a very challenging and some­times lonely path, that requires determination and patience. To which Alice Bailey adds "The synthetic power of the mind, aided by true love, will one day be the instrument of all true heal­ers." [2]  All true healers is everyone, for the attitude of being healing is what is at issue, not only the practice of the healing arts.

Unconditional Love and Light is also the essence that is trans­mitted from the heart through the hands in a hel­ping/healing process like Thera­peutic Touch. The attitude associated with Unconditional Love domina­tes the helping/healing act in its transformational motion. In the case of Therapeutic Touch, the  attitude of the practitioner is one of not being attached to the outcome when giving a treatment. A extreme example of this attitude would be, to transfer a client to another practitioner because the other individual can resolve what we can't. In business it could mean letting someone else use our ideas. In relationship, loving someone enough to be happy for their happi­ness, even if it means giving them up to someone else. It is ability to let go and watch that someone or something undergo transformative progress through another, feeling happy at the progress that is taking place, without feeling a sense of inade­quacy or loss. It is the ability to let the loving, creative or healing energy go and do that which is for the greatest good. And not "willfully" pretend that we are the only ones, that our way is the only way or to "will" a cure, because we need to cure.

Bailey says that the Perfect One uses the method of harmlessness. This involves being absolutely centered, having an all inclusive point of view, and the ability to practice divine understanding.  Incor­porating in the harmlessness is the power to control the "will" and work through love, this means the practice of harm­lessness of thought, of speech and of action. Love is all there Is according to Bailey.

When Unconditional Love is practiced it becomes the fundamen­tal value of life.  If lived in every aspect of daily life, the living in time and space process becomes stress free and filled with joy and laughter, despite the challenges that we might create to test ourselves, which seem even momentarily like setbacks.  It is a love of acceptance, it is a love where no  conditions reign. It is a state of love where negative feelings have been dissolved allowing for the free unobstructed flow of the love feeling. On a more pragmatic level it can be considered  "Love without Hooks" so called by my fellow TT practitioner Cathleen Fanslow Bujones. It is felt as a synthesis with the divine love, with the cosmic love frequen­cy, with what some would call God's "Love and Light". It is associated with a sense of co-operation, of non separateness, of peace with oneself and all others and everyth­ing.

Unconditional Love and Light has a vibratory frequency associated with it. Chris Griscom describes the frequency of Unconditional Love and Light as ecstacy turned into radiance. Ecstasy is an "explod­ing creative force" which manifests light when that synthesis of consciousness with itself takes place. The moment of accessing the creative force of the universe, through integration with the activated high self, is experienced as a merging of the states of bliss and rapture. She describes the divine manifesta­tion of radiance or pure light as a spontaneous explosion of light which is caused  when the frequency of ecstacy (whose sound is hum like) inter­penetrates the Light-bodies. This convergence which allows all the Light-bodies to merging with this divine frequency emanates radiant light. This she writes is "The energy of radian­ce. Radiance is the result of the ecstatic spark which, once ignited, spreads itself out in all directions across the entire spectrum of manifested­ dimensions, out into the black void of the form­less. The energy of radiance cannot be stopped or resisted or even engaged. When it bathes the path, all fear instantaneously metamorphoses into light. All separation, confu­sion, and longing ceases to exist. Radiance moves beyond the electrical, the magnetic laws of the third dimension. It seeks to attract nothing, and nothing sticks to it. It merely pervades all."[3]

 The noted Indian holy man, Gopi Krishna, describes the sensa­tion of radiance in a similar way when he defines his peak experience of Kundalini: "I did not experience this alluring radiance, both outside and within myself, as something external to me or some­thing objective, but something that was a part of myself, some­thing that colored my whole per­sonality. In other words, it was not the objective world that had become brighter or that appeared brighter to my eyes, but it was, in actual fact the indwell­ing "I" that had become luminous. It was the observer in my mind or soul, who was ensheathed in a halo of light.-- At all times during the day or night, my inner self appears like a luminous void stretc­hed far beyond the periphery of the corporeal frame.[4] I am a pool of consciousness always aglow with light".[5]  In addition to his inner luminos­ity he states that there was, "a silvery luster around every object that come within the field of my vision" [6] and he experienced "the visions of celestial be­ings, of divinity or God, are always bathed in a super­earthly light."[7]  

In addition he experienced "the individual ego, with its small periphery of awareness, always perceptive of its close link with the body, begins to grow wider and wider and the idea of the body dimmer and dimmer, until it seems that one is floating in space."[8] Another result of these experiences is seeing the Divine in every aspect of nature and feeling love for all man­kind. Gopi Krishna describes ecstasy during Kun­dalini is as "Inexpressible, one can convey a distant picture by describing it as the highest perfection of grace, beauty, grandeur, harmony, peace, love, rapture, wonder and happiness, all combined in such an intense degree that the mind may swoon at the stupendous impact of ecstasy.­"[9]

 Experiencing Unconditional Love

This experience of Unconditional Love and Light is not limited to gurus and healers, there are others who have lived this experi­ence and are totally familiar with the sensations. People who have undergone the deep personal transformational experiences known as the NDE (Near Death Experience) are some of these. Having the experience of being one with or being exposed to the Light and its Love as Uncondi­tional Love is expressed in differ­ent ways. Ring writes about Nel's encounter with the light: "it was accepting; it was forgiving; it was completely non judgmen­tal; and it gave me a sense of total security the likes of which I had never known. I loved it. It was perfecti­on; it was total unconditional love.." [10] Joe speaks about the light and love, "It's something that becomes you and you become it....I was peace, I was love. I was brightness, it was part of me." [11]

Tom describes his experience as follows:"You realize that you are coming to the end of this tunnel and this light is not just brill­iance from whatever is at the end of the tunnel-it's an extremely brilliant light. It's pure white. It's just so brillia­nt...­And then before you... is this most mag­nificent, just gorgeous, beautiful, bright, white or blue-white light..but it doesn't hurt your eyes.... Then the light immediately communi­cates with you..You have the feeling of absolute, pure love..." He describes "The second most mag­nificent experience... is you realize that you are suddenly in communication with absolute, total knowledge.­..Upon entering that light...the atmosphere the energy, it's total pure energy, it's total knowled­ge, it's total love, pure love."[12] 

 Another way to achieve the experience of the state of bliss is that of Lester Levenson.[13] Lester's major transformational experience took place as a result of his surviving a death threate­ning heart condition. Hopelessly doomed to the life of an invalid he focused on getting in touch with all the accumulated sorrows, fears and angers of his life. Through the "felt" experi­ence of "releasing" these feelings, Lester transcended spon­taneously into a state of bliss. He describes that, "It was obvious to me that I wasn't that body and mind as I had thought I was. I just saw it-that's all... So I let go of identifying with that body. And when I did, I saw that my Beingness was all Beingness, that Beingness is like one great ocean. It's not chopped up into parts called "drops of bodies" It's all one ocean. That causes me to identify with every being, every person, and every atom in this universe. And that's an experience so tremen­dous it's incredible. First you see the universe is `in' you , then you see the universe `as' you. Then you know the Oneness of this univer­se. Then you are finished forever with separation and all the hellishness that's caused only by separa­tion. Then you can no longer be fooled by the apparent limita­tions of the world. You see them as a dream, as an appearance, because you `know' that your very own Beingness has no lim­its!"[14] As a result of Lester clearing his hurting feelings he healed his heart condition. The persistent use of Feeling Dis­solve can heal and generate bliss. The particulars of this experience will become very relevant when I explain "Feeling Dissolve"©


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