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Mentalkörper - CORPO MENTALE

Reproduced with the permission of Artist Elizabeth Sundance

These images are copyrighted © and to be used only as information not for reproduction



The Mental Light-body

The Mental Body, the third light body that cohabits with the physical and intersperses through the others. It is made up of yellow toned frequencies that hum Vibrationally around and throughout it. The colors indicated the quality of mind expressed by the individual it houses. The colors used in this illustration represent integrated thinking. They are lemony yellow for intellectual thinking and orangy yellow representing creative thinking. The holographic thought forms not shown manifest in this body in form of geometric forms. This body extends to arms length beyond the physical and still maintains a subtle shape of the human form. The physical body is indicated with a slightly darker line yellow line, to show the size of this light body in relation to the physical body. The chakras convey energy by stepping the different frequencies down to the next level in this case the Feeling Body level. Slight indications of their vortices have been made. Since they are larger at their periphery than where they intersperse into the Feeling Body chakras they take on their funnel shapes. Again the root chakra extends to that point to which the mind body reaches when the legs are spread wide apart.



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