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I am a Human Potentials Consultant and Spiritual teacher who has specializing in promoting Unconditional Love of self and others. In 1984 I started teaching through Workshops in Europe the hands on healing method of Therapeutic Touch. Since it is encouraged to do healing work with compassion and in a non ego involved state of detachment, in other words unconditionally, I was soon confronted with major issues, recognizing the deep state of lack of self-love experienced by most of my participants. This lack of self- love encourages a very needy ego, that in turn make us unhappy and interferes with our ability to practice unconditionality, our ability to live the moment, to be present, and be in a state that ultimately leads to harmony and joy. Meditation which I have been practicing since 1974 can have a calming effect, but it takes years to resolve deep seated issues, if ever. In my desire to assist these individuals to connect more deeply with their potential for unconditional self- love, I recognized that what was separating them from that potential, were their own unresolved issues and the associated feelings. Information of a vibratory nature and consistency collected in the subconscious memory bank, that persons energy field, or the Aura. In 1989 I was able to develop a composite method that has philosophical, psychological as well as that energetic component. I call this method Feeling Dissolve©

In 1994 a book describing and teaching my total spiritual philosophy, the method of Feeling DissolveK and the hands on healing method of Therapeutic Touch as I learned it at NYU in 1982, was published in Germany, in 1995 in Italy as well as in Russia. 40,000 books later, and 13 years since I first introduced this method, it has metamorphosed many times as I come to understand its subtle characteristics and the profound effect that this approach had on the people who were treated with it and/or incorporated this method and the associated life view in their every day life. The feedbacks come mostly from my participants. It changed their lives, and so teaching and using Feeling DissolveK in my workshops become my primary objective as I realized that it allowed me to assist my participants to free themselves of deep pain and the pertinent traumas, in moments. That in combining the recognition and acknowledgment by the subject, of a painful event and the connected feelings, with my knowledge and experience of the subtle energy work, learned through years of implementation of Therapeutic Touch. I was able, by having them relive but for an instant, to energetically remove, in the moments it took to pull these out of their energy field, the pain or fear or anger, no matter how old or great. In one case 40 years of held memory of childhood sexual abuse was gone in a 20 minute session. The expediency this example demonstrates has been duplicated in 100 of cases, as my participants in their turn implement Feeling DissolveK with their clients.

The traumatic event is not forgotten, it is simply neutralized, so that it becomes a fact, nothing more. It no longer conditions our behavior, we are able to move on, let go in a profound and true sense. Not only is this method an incredible self help tool, since we can use Feeling Dissolve© for ourselves, it has become a tremendous psychotherapeutic tool.

In Europe Feeling Dissolve© is being used by 1000's of private citizens as a self help tool to promote happier living. It is also being used by trained Psychotherapists, Naturopaths, Kinesiologists, to help others. In addition many body workers, physiotherapists, massage therapists such as those trained in Shiatsu, find Feeling Dissolve© an invaluable asset since body work often stimulates and raises deep seated emotional issues in their patients that can not be resolved with their type of treatment. In Switzerland my work and workshops are recognized as approved and accredited continuing education courses for massage therapists, who have to demonstrate their continuing development to maintain their accreditation by Health Insurance Companies. In Germany aside from my regular workshops I teach Feeling Dissolve© as a management technique, in a specialized school that trains managers working in Hospitals and Nursing Homes to manage from the heart. In addition Feeling Dissolve© is used in coaching, since it can assist an individual to detach from worries and see the other side of a problem in moments. Ultimately I come to realize that one of the greatest by products of using and living the Feeling Dissolve© and its philosophy is that it enables us to love ourselves and others Unconditionally, the ability to recognize the Divine in ourselves and in the other. What a gift!

Since this work is now deeply grounded in the countries where I teach it , Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Austria I have decided that the time is ripe to introduce it in the USA.


A session consists of at least 2 hours. This time is necessary to allows me to familiarize myself with your problems, those causing you grief or other issues that trouble you. The procedure is similar to that of a normal therapy session, you talk, I listen.. Your description of the issues helps me focalize on the feelings that you are experiencing and holding. Once identified, the feelings are dealt with by both of us working on them together, you attending to it, by giving it a metaphoric symbol, I by removing it out of the energy field with the use of my hands. Obviously not all issues can be resolved in one session because we tend to be multilayered, re-living or piggybacking the same feeling in a variety of configurations (experiences or behavioral patterns.) Non the less it is an amazing possibility to be able to free oneself of old unresolved problems so completely, not in years, not in months but in the shortest of time.

Since the work we do with Feeling DissolveK, deeply affects the subtle energy system, by pulling out information out of the Aura so to speak, I usually conclude the session with a re-balancing hands on healing treatment. Not only does this stabilize the work done, it also makes it more effective.


The price is based on the efficacy of this work and my 14 years experience.  This work can bring about profound changes in what could normally take years of therapy work, in hours. A 2 hour session costs $300.-, any additional time $150. - per hour, or an increment there of.


This is a short term coaching type of approach, that works with particular problems, like 9/11 traumas or losses, bereavement, abuse be this sexual, emotional or physical. Current or past relationship problems from at home or work; Marital problems; Questions of self worth. It is not appropriate for individuals who have histories of mental illness and require medication and long term therapeutic supervision.


Please check my Profile for credentials and to assure yourself of my competence, and if I would be the right person for you. You can also look at some of the articles that have been written about me or that I have written. In addition you will find the two methods I teach defined and descriptions of the workshops I offer to learn to use these methods.


 Any information I receive will be treated with utmost confidentiality as any client-consultant interaction. The exchange will be considered a consulting session, and the client enters into it on self responsibility and at his or her own risk.



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