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Explanations and use of the method




Personal: The method of "FEELING DISSOLVE"© has various applications. The first and foremost of these is on the personal level. "FEELING DISSOLVE"© is a self-help tool for ‘better living’. The reason for using this method is to enable us to recognize and unblock energy consuming feelings and emotions, (read about this and look at the illustration from my book) that condition and interfere with our peace of mind. In other words that cause us pain. With "FEELING DISSOLVE"© we learn how to deal with all disturbing events of everyday life and achieve emotional balance and clarity of mind. The result being that the we become masters of life, observing events as would an audience watching a play, with compassion and understanding, in full recognition of the co-creative involvement in the events and their results. Free from blame and judgment we are able to love ourselves and the other unconditionally.



Interactive : Here the application is as a tool to help others. Once understood and lived "FEELING DISSOLVE"© can be used as a therapeutic instrument by professionals in the helping and healing field. There is a great advantage to using "FEELING DISSOLVE"© in this context, because this method can help long held or deeply felt traumas in minutes, days instead of months, hours instead of weeks. Once resolved the issue is complete, gone into the past as a memory that is simply a fact, neither good nor bad, be this a personal trauma such as emotional or sexual abuse, physical traumas or abuse, accidents, loss of a loved one by death or separation, fear of death, traumatic illness or terrifying experiences of any kind, war or similar. Whatever experience had left a residue of memory that interfered with the joyous free flow of life can be transformed when one knows how. By understanding how to unblock negative stuck energy, the space is created for a new quality of creative, joyful, harmonious healing energy.

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