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Reproduced with the permission of Artist Elizabeth Sundance

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The Cobalt Egg Light-body

The Cobalt Egg is called this because of its main color and its oval egg like shape. It is the 5th light body that cohabits the physical and it contains in it, the other four. Challenging to interpret this very complex light body had to be represented with the information insinuated. The Cobalt Egg, which due to its great size starts to become more sphere like in shape, is constructed out of a matrix of light lines, the indications of these are the white lines and the radiant lines extending from the light blue figure, which represents the Etheric Body. The Cobalt Egg is the barrier light body that container of the physical form that gives it its form, beyond it the form is resolved only vibratory energy lines or pulsations of color exist. Its color is of intensive glimmering blue like that found in a gas flame. The chakra energies extend all the way to its periphery and intersperse the other chakras as the move energy into the lower frequency bodies, as you can see. This blue color reflects the cosmic creative force that supports manifestation, in this case as its matrix of information of the physical body, its vibration is extremely healing. The Cobalt Egg is our cosmic womb.


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