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Buddhic Body


Reproduced with the permission of Artist Elizabeth Sundance

These images are copyrighted © and to be used only as information not for reproduction




The Buddhic Light-body

The Buddhic Body or Golden Sphere, the name explains itself. The frequency of this body reflects highest purified mind, beyond the Astral Plane it is beyond being affected by feelings. We have chosen to represent this body as a dynamic macrocosmic expression of orbiting patterns of energy. In the center of the sphere the orbiting energy patterns acquired the shape of a heart as Elizabeth Sundance drew them, this shape duplicates itself as the pulsating lines move further out in the sphere. One can think of the energy lines as patterns of completed lives. The inner patterns are indications of the peripheries of other light bodies, the core of energy reflecting the first three first Light-bodies, which also provides a relationship indicating the great size of the Buddhic Body. The Buddhic Body's pulsations are so intense that they become dense, appearing almost to be standing still. The Buddhic body is the seat of the soul, the home of the High Self.


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