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Reproduced with the permission of Artist Elizabeth Sundance

These images are copyrighted © and to be used only as information not for reproduction


The Astral Light-Body

The Astral Body the fourth higher frequency body that cohabits with the physical and interpenetrates the other three light bodies. This is also a body expressing feelings and is composed of vibration as colored light, in this case this light body houses the memory of our unresolved feelings linked to other lives. The Astral Body is a memory bank. Like in the Mental Body these memories that are held in the Astral Body appear spontaneously to a clairvoyant as holograms of color and shapes, to some as faces and other forms that provide information to the seer. The Astral Body illustrated by Elizabeth, is resolved, its colors are pastel and evenly distributed all around just as in the Feeling Body they are the higher expression of the same aspects, purified and even more refined feelings. The yellow halo reflects the higher mental qualities since the Astral Body memories consist of emotions, feeling and thoughts mixed, (that is why it is often called the Emotional body) in this case the thoughts are clear, reflected by this color. The chakras are larger at the periphery and become smaller as they interspersed with the Mental Body chakras, retaining their fluted form. This light body extends well beyond the physical form and consequently it is no longer influenced by that form, instead it acquires an egg like shape.



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