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Hi! Welcome to information about this AHP Sponsored Workshop for 30CECs (see http://ahpweb.org/events/menu.html)

          A "New Synthesis" of Healing

 A Transformational - Basic, Four (4) Day Workshop


   It Includes:

My method of "Feeling Dissolve"©, which teaches you to recognize and dissolving the subtle energy behind blocked, negative energy consuming emotions. To bring emotions into balance - creating clarity of mind. Definition, a philosophical outlook, technique, how to use the tool and its various application.  Also read AHP Prespective article 5/03 "Reprogramming our Emotional Hard-drive"

Experiential exercise.

Problem solving

Spiritual anatomy - Light body system - understanding their purpose and experiencing these with the hands and your imagination through visualization.

Introductory "Amplified" Laying on of Hands Healing based on Therapeutic Touch, how to, its purpose and different approaches.

Hands on healing practice.

Colors, experiencing their frequencies, understanding how these work and what they mean. Working with this knowledge in a practical way.

Healing treatment practice and techniques. In groups of 3.

Transformational guided imageries. (Eight, two each day.) Then sharing the experience gleaned and using these to learn to integrate the application of  Feeling Dissolve© during and after when necessary and appropriate.




 _ Maud Nordwald Pollock's FEELING DISSOLVE©. technique.

_ A method of "Amplified" Laying on of Hands based on Therapeutic Touch .

"New-Synthesis" of Consciousness is a workshop for everyone. As a self-help tool for better living. For professionals in the helping/healing fields it provides major new healing instruments.

Through innovative approaches to healing yourself and others you:

* Learn to recognize your expanded potentials.

* Learn to use FEELING DISSOLVE©:

            to evaluate and resolve disturbing emotions .

            to problem solve and resolve conflicts in your private or work life.

            to DISSOLVE the communications gap.

            to INCREASE Mental and emotional efficiency.

            to TRANSFORM stress into HARMONY

Though the method of "FEELING DISSOLVE"© developed by Maud Nordwald Pollock - You will come away with RELAXATION techniques - IMPROVE your ability to FOCUS - Be more CENTERED - OVERCOME  fears and barriers. -You will have a SHORT CUT method to managing any challenging situation. This method will give you new insights and empower you to feel good about yourself, secure, able to truly enjoy your life at home and at work.

 As a professional Therapist this tool will help you resolve your clients traumas and worries instantaneously. Permitting you to attend to old habitual conditioned behavior patterns, instead of the cause of these; allowing you to re-enforce rehabilitation and new possibilities. In addition you will verify and reinforce your own innate subtle abilities and learn tools to avoid being energetically drained by others. You will better understand the vibratory dynamics that take place in human interaction, be these personal or work related.

The workshop consists of several major phases. First : Understanding to recognize and manage your feelings, to use holistic thinking and understand Spiritual Psychology. Second: Through group work you to learn how to perceive the subtle human energy vibrations and how to release blocked energy while using your hands.      Third: You learn to experience and identify the subtle vibrations of colors, to transmit these through your hands , or by using your creative imagination. 

  Fourth: During the four days, the many guided imagery experiences will support your process and help you develop a deeper understand for your life and its purpose.    Theoretical and practical results are attained through your newly gained insights. "The believer in you becomes a knower!"

"The believer in you becomes a knower!"

* By Learning  "Amplified" Laying on of Hands based on Therapeutic Touch.

           This "Laying on of hands" healing approach, opens an immense dimension of consciousness, whether you intend to actively heal  or not. Learning how to experience the subtle energy fields that co- penetrate and surround us, validates the existence of vibratory information contained there in.  This vibratory information, is also "feelings" that are stored in the fields. By connecting to these vibratory frequencies and  pulling this information out of your, or your client's  field; the negative feeling vibrations, which are responsible for emotional memories, are permanently removed.  Healed! All that remains is a neutral memory, a feeling of, "it was", " it happened"; but it is neither good nor bad, it simply "is".

A Feeling Memory is neutral when a feeling is neither good nor bad, it simply "is".

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