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by Maud Nordwald Pollock

In 1995 Len Fliers wrote a paper called Demystifying mysticism: Finding a developmental relationship between different ways of knowing.(1) His article helped me to better position the work that I have developed since 1989, a tool to manage and sublimate feelings and thoughts i.e. the emotions that I call "Feeling Dissolve"© .

To understand the purpose of Feeling Dissolve© and what it can accomplish it helpful to review briefly the evolution of our consciousness, guided by Fliers insight and my spiritual view.


In his article Flier separates the evolving consciousness into five levels. Jean Piaget conceived a psychology of cognitive development, in which the progress of an individual is based on qualitative ability to take in more complex information. As a child grows up it not only knows more, it knows in different ways.

Four year old children are presented with two glasses of water, one tall and narrow the other shorter and wider, equal volume of water are poured in both. When asked which glass had more water, at first they would agree it was the same. When the same amount of water was taken from the shorter glass and poured into the emptied taller narrower glass, the child when asked, would reply that the latter glass had more water. This experiment demonstrated that a young child relates to the world in terms of what it sees. This way of experiencing is considered pre-operational. When the water was poured back into the original glass, when questioned the child would reply that the quantity was the same now, but not before. Despite repeated attempts to make it clear that it was the same quantity there was no way of making the small child realize otherwise. This demonstrated that no matter how logically or concrete one tried to present this reality to the child, or for that matter anyone at a certain level of development, it was unable to be perceive at the next stage of development. What I see is what I believe, and what I believe is true.

Robert Kegan developed constructive-developmental psychology, which includes personality and classifies the first order of consciousness, the development in a small child, age four, as being impulse based. The small child accordingly takes as objects his/her sensations, it feels what it sees. I feel that it has an impression, and in my experience an impression is feeling based. My interpretation is that its experience is feeling motivated, a small child is learning to deal with feelings and is dominated by feelings, which supercede the ability to reason. According to Flier the morality at this level is based on impulse. "If I feel like hitting that other child because it is playing with my toy it is OK because I feel like it."

Grown ups can partly remain at this stage of development, reflected by this feeling based trait to see what we choose to see, and deny what we don't want to see. This trait when practiced by groups Jean Houston calls as "cultural lenses". A particularly poignant example of this phenomenon is demonstrated by a group of natives discovered by anthropologists, a tribe of living in the Klahary. These people believed that at the boundaries of their territory was the end of the world. To cross this boundary meant certain death. When anthropologists tried to demonstrate that this belief was untrue by crossing the boundary, these natives cried profusely stating that the other would die and stopped seeing the person. To them that person simply disappeared in a void.(2)

In my view spirituality at this level of consciousness is imminent. A small child lives the finer dimensions, it can remember, see, hear, smell of feel presences of other vibratory levels of reality. When these are reinforced they can become the point of reference of a lifetime of knowing. Research demonstrates that small children two to three can remember their time in-uterus or before.(3) But likewise these can be confusing sources of information when denied by the outside world.


The second order of consciousness, is entered approximately at the age of seven. The seven year old is able to include to what it sees, what it knows. The amount of water is the same, it is the shape that changed, it is able to separate subject from object. This stage of development is considered concrete- operational. I would interpret this to mean that it comes to concrete things mind i.e. reason precedes feelings.

According to Kegan at this stage the child is able to order the sensations into categories, durable categories that can be defined as perceptions. The development that takes place is one where the evolution of perception goes from taking something that is subject and recognizing it as an object. However this order of consciousness is imbedded in needs, desires and preferences. In my view the child is still dominated by feelings, reason is influenced by feelings. Expressed as needs and desires in the first person, his/her own needs and desires. These exist only in relation him or herself, creating a morality of fairness as to "my" needs and preferences. It is the phase in which the world revolves around us, and has to comply to what we want, if this does not happen I am a victim of the outer circumstances. The world is to blame and I don't feel in control of it. Flier states that the second order the reasoning the morality base is a "tit for tat" attitude. That of "an eye for an eye."

In my view spirituality at this stage becomes conditioned by the outside world in the form of religious beliefs. Although the ability to perceive is still there it can become diminished by the immense input of information from the outside world, which does not always correlate with what the child is experiencing. The information becomes confusing and since reason is starting to dominate it may be chosen as the primary mode of reference. Intuition is subsumed to reason. i.e. The child who enters a room where parents recently have had a big fight, experiences the vibratory charge of the environment, knows there has been a fight. But when confronting the parents, these pretend nothing has happened. This confuses the child, who is right? The pretending parents or my perceived feelings. Since children tend to trust their parents they submit to the former version, unintentionally giving up their intuition.

Many years ago I experienced such an event with a unknown child. I was swimming in a public pool when a stranger, a woman, come over to me to ask me if I was OK. Her little daughter had told her I was not feeling well. In fact physically I was fine, but emotionally I was in considerable pain. This child had in some way noticed my distress, and sent her mother to help. My first reaction was to put on the mask, saying there was nothing wrong with me, which was true on the physical level. On second thought I felt I owed the child an explanation and needed to validate her ability and empathy. After confirming to the mother her child's insight, I swam over to the 10 year old and thanked her for her concern, reassuring her that she was right about my emotional state.


The third order of consciousness is awakened by feelings analogous to those stimulated by a romantic love. At this stage of development the individual is confronted with feelings for others. By now the understanding is that the world does not revolve around me, I am part of the world and have to make adjustments and compromises. The group is experienced. There is a willingness to sublimate his or her own feelings, to enter into a commitment and identify with the feelings of other with empathy. I see this as the experiencing the sensation of love, a different kind of love from parental love, in the form of cathexis when it has to do with attraction to another.(4) The need for this different quality and the desire to give it, is awakened. It is an intense more poignant quality of feeling. Flier defines the moral of this order as based on mutual expectations, those held in relationship. I view it as a need to have the other live up to a commitment so as not to experience hurt feelings. The motivating factor is the desire to control situations via these expectations. The mind tries to control the situation to avoid feeling unpleasant feelings. The attitude is "I am still a victim of circumstances even though I try to control the world with my thinking and via my will." "I" want things to be a certain way. The use of fear, pain and anger are common to this phase.

This type of world view is again expressed through the tribal pattern. It is a conditioned, structured form of reasoning, where controlling rules are the basis of behavior. It is an emotional control that has a fear base. Everyone has to think alike, dress alike, behave alike. Individual thinking is subsumed to the group, be this the thinking of a sect, religious beliefs, scientific, political, educational, moral, ethical, cultural or sexual. The feeling of fear is used to manipulate, stimulating fear of loss or abandonment. In relationships the state of symbiosis is reflected by this level, which expresses the feeling of need, which is fear based, fear of separation, fear of loss, fear of the pain of loss. Although phases of symbiosis are also joy based, those stimulated by the feelings of love or sharing an experience with loved ones. Flier notes that in legal terms this order expresses itself as "The law is the law because we all commit to it"(5) and if you don't watch out! In my view the tendency of an individual in this groups dominated consciousness is to give his/her power up to the group, letting the group decide, affect and condition. The group and the individual create their own reality that validates their vision and justifies their action.

At this stage of development like the previous ones, unless one has experienced first hand something, being in love for example, one has no understanding for the evolving experience of the other. Again there is no way of convincing the other of the experience when the other has not lived it. We cannot become other centered without the fundamental shared experience. The 12 year old who has not yet been in love has no understanding for the experience in the companion. Such an experience is inconceivable. In fact confronting this experience can be threatening to the inexperienced, stimulating aggressive behavior, in this case in the form of ridicule of the other, as teenagers tend to do. The transcending experience can seem to the inexperienced like an abandonment of responsibility. A feeling of being left out or behind. The fear of change is prevalent in this order of consciousness, holding on rigidly to certain world views. Spirituality at this level of consciousness when considered, is conditioned by an outside deity, that loves but also punishes when disobeyed.


The forth order of consciousness is the state where we break away from the conditioning controlling behavior of the group. Reason seems to sublimate feelings. For the first time the individual begins to see herself/himself as a creator not only as a victim. The individual starts taking responsibility for what happens in his/her life. In relationship this is expressed by the desire for independence. The need to identify with the other comes to a halt. An inner search for self is initiated. According to Flier principles become the guiding force. They precede relationship, the law. Freedom of choice and justice that are based on principles. There is right and wrong but this is guided by principles. To the other still locked into the third order of consciousness this too seem like an abandonment of responsibility and the need to move in this direction is inconceivable. However the motivating factor for each transcendent step from one order to the other is "an irrefutable challenge to ultimate reality"(6) My experience demonstrates that usually the shift from one level of consciousness to another is accompanied with some event or trauma that forces the process. Pain seems to have been the motivating factor in most cases until now.

Spirituality at this stage of consciousness can become very ambivalent. The denial of a supreme being, materialism and intellectualism driven by mentally constructed logic may prevail. If integrated the acceptance of a loving supreme divinity that guides benignly, letting us experience right and wrong. Although the tendency to question the Supreme Being's wisdom may be still prevail, when things appear to be wrong.

If the drive for transcendence is spiritually motivated the challenge becomes even greater, because the fourth order of consciousness is still conditioned by views that the ultimate reality is based on principles and pairs of opposites or judgments. My work demonstrates that even though judgments are based on principles, seeming to by conditioned by reason, judgments are feeling based.


The shift to the fifth order of consciousness requires an abandonment of that which is the principled morality, the feeling that something is right and wrong. It requires the sublimation of feelings. It is the challenge of moving beyond judgment. Flier notes that morality is not abandoned, a new reality is discovered. In my view this reality is one that is beyond a feeling conditioned morality. At last the individual understands that they are neither victim or victimizer, but both and that the process is co-created. Lessons in which we are all students and teachers at the same time. A mystic state is reached. In this state nothing is either right or wrong, it simply is. And again this state can not be reached via the intellect, by trying to understand it. It is a state of knowing. No different than each progressive state on the ladder of transcendence, this knowing can seem inconceivable to someone of the fourth order level. "The fifth order of consciousness is enlightenment in secular terms."(7) Like Flier, I agree that there are stages of unfolding and insight at this fifth order, like at all the others, yet once someone has achieved it regardless of the direction he/she come from they are at the same stage of consciousness. The realization is oneness, there is no difference between you and me, I am you and you are me, and neither, all at the same time. I refer to this state as that of "Unconditional Love", where no judgment or attachment exist. This state bespeaks Wisdom, everything is seen from the reference point of the greater picture, as simply being. This state moves beyond wanting to understand or know, it is the void and the fullness, the light and the dark. It is as one of my participants expressed so beautifully, beyond the "knowing everything", it is the "being everything."(8) When reached this state is termed in Sanskrit, Samadhi. The path one takes to reach that state in Zen tradition is known as the Tao, in Chinese, or in Hindu tradition as Dharma, a Sanskrit word. At this stage we accept that we are one with the supreme, that the supreme is us. That all of us are "God" in western layman's language.


One of my earliest major shift of order come when I was 29 and suffering of marital problems. My major teacher at the time was Dr. Albert Ellis, the founder of Rational Emotive Therapy. In therapy with him I learned that "we are valuable because we are" and "no one can make one angry, the anger is in ourselves". This presence of mind allowed me to change many of my conceptions of life, broaden my human understanding and started me taking responsibility for my life. Non the less, the fact that I was responsible for my suffering, understood intellectually did not diminish the pain. Even though I learned the difference between reasoning and rationalizing, thanks to Dr. Ellis, I could not reason away the pain fear, anger etc. It was as if I learned the alphabet from A to N and was missing M to Z.

The next major shift in consciousness come when I was 37 after the removal and loss of my second child in the second trimester of my pregnancy. This event was followed by several days in intensive care in the state of unconsciousness. Although a Catholic of choice at a young age, I had in my early twenties abandoned what I considered a hypocritical and dogmatized form of religion. Non the less I was ambivalent spiritually, neither denying nor believing in God. After my physical trauma, I developed an intense interest in meditation, stimulated by a similar interest of friend who had what is recognized as an out of body experience during surgery. Another friend sent me to a very competent medium, who's astonishing gift so intrigued me that I wondered why she could do that and I not. I proceeded for 8 years to immerse myself completely in the study and reading of spiritual books, with the subtle guidance of the teacher who soon appeared. Because life circumstances permitted me the freedom to indulge this thirst for understanding, I finally decided to concretize this in some form, opting to study philosophy. I can only say that after all those years of reading particularly Alice Baily, the philosophers like Kant, Hegel etc., were easy to understand.

In the late 1970's as my second marriage was coming to an end, I turned to Dr. Ellis for help once more, in my last vestige of hope. My then husband suffered from chemical imbalance which causes manic-depression and had turned extremely manic, despite his medication. In one of those last therapy sessions I sat in my consternation, helplessness and frustration pouring out my sorrows to Dr. Ellis, to which he said "Mrs. Pollock, I will not listen to your complaints about your husband any longer, his problems make him autistic, you cannot change him. Either you accept him unconditionally as he is or you divorce him."(9) We separated that summer.

The next major shift in consciousness come in the summer of 1982, when I was confronted with the human potential ability to heal with the hands through the participation in my first Therapeutic Touch (10) course. It was as I tell my participants, "going from believing to knowing." After that there was no doubt in my mind that we all have this potential. Opportunity to teach this method come two years later from an Institute for New Medicine in Milan, Italy.(11)

Since 1984 I have been teaching Therapeutic Touch in Europe, first in Italy, then Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Because I speak Italian and German, as well as Spanish, I am able to give these workshops in the county's language. This enabled me to have an immediate interaction with my participants. The structure of my workshops consists of giving the participant a spiritual base, along with practical experience, which enables the individual to integrate in a rational way the information and ability s/he is developing. i.e. the ability to heal others with the hands. It did not take me long to realized that I had to find a way to deal with my participants profuse inclination towards "helpers syndrome". A syndrome that has as its base a poor self image. How could I assist these blossoming healers to detach from the process enough, to simply let it happen. All this in the short period of four days, the time that I had them in my workshop. This poor self image was particularly called to my attention in a workshop for nursing professionals. One of the nurses exclaimed in despair "How can we love and help other unconditionally when we don't even love ourselves."(12)

In the early 80's I attended many workshops at the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies.(13) Amongst these one on the method called "Open Focus" developed by Dr. Lester Fehme, another on the method called "Focusing" developed by Dr. Eugene Gendlin.(14) Both these methods intrigued me but not enough to pursue them in depth. In 1986 Brennan published a book called "Hands of Light"(15) This book was key, it confirmed my own perception of the different vibratory layers I experienced with my hands, but for which I had no explanation based on the then available literature. Thanks to Brennan's work and in collaboration with one of my European participants Hans Zurfluh, an extremely gifted clairvoyant, from my experience as competent as Brennan, I was able to understand, recognize and palpate the configurations of our subtle energy fields. As a result I included into my work a more detailed definition of spiritual anatomy.

In 1988 I come across the work of a man called Lester Levinson. Along with his then companion Virginia Lloyd who taught it, Levinson had developed a technique which they called The Sedona Release Technique. Levinson, a physicist by profession had a life threatening heart attack in the early 1950's. At that time his heart was so severely damaged that the doctors told him he would never be able to work again. In some particular way, a way that took him almost 20 years to define, Levinson was able to heal his heart condition. Not only did he heal himself, he went back to work and earned several million dollars, enough to retire and dedicate the rest of his life to spiritual work. When I come across the Sedona Release Technique it's approach was directed in the first place to assist people in achieving material success. How to be better at this or that. Although I was already familiar with their basic precepts which are like the ones I had learned from Dr. Ellis, "that we cannot change anyone or anything", they had something else. This something that I already knew from my work with Therapeutic Touch, but had not identified so clearly. They dealt with feelings and by using a verbal technique generated a confrontation with the feeling that stimulated a release. They also categorized feelings, based on Buddhist and Taoist teachings. Here at last was an opportunity to deal with the missing letters M to Z. Influenced no doubt by Levinson's vision I adapted some of these concepts, synthesized them with my former knowledge to create my own method.(16) I call this method "Feeling Dissolve"© .

Since 1989 I have been teaching and learning more and more about "Feeling Dissolve"©. A path to Unconditional Love, the fifth order of Consciousness can be created by Feeling Dissolve . "Feeling Dissolve"© is an energetic technique and it is also a world view. In 1994 a book that took me 5 years to write was published in Germany. Its original title "Unconditional Love". But as we have already learned, fourth order consciousness cannot understand fifth order knowing, so its title was changed.(17) In this book I relay the whole reason for, why and how of "Feeling Dissolve"© and I also teach Therapeutic Touch, I call the two methods together a New Synthesis for Healing.


The basic precept of "Feeling Dissolve"© is that we are first and foremost Spiritual Beings of Light immersed in dense matter and having a material experience. Our physical body is the core of our light structure. We consist of many different Light bodies, energetic structures that vibrate at a different frequencies, that permeate and surround our core. These Light bodies at different subtler vibratory frequencies can be perceived, seen, felt with the hands. Some individuals can experience these vibratory qualities by smelling or hearing them.(18)

"Feeling Dissolve"© concerns itself with the first five vibratory layers beyond the physical. Here is a brief description of these.

THE FIRST LAYER - The Etheric Body     press icon for image

The first layer I call Etheric and it concerns itself with the well being of the physical. Its structure consists of meridians, millions of them, and we are familiar with function via acupuncture, kinesiology, shiatsu and so on. The Etheric body can be felt a about 12 centimeters, 5 inches approximately, beyond the periphery of the physical. Blocks in the Etheric body create health problems in the physical.

THE SECOND LAYER - The Feeling Body press icon for image

The second Light body I call the Feeling Body. It is the container that registers and deals with all our "present life" feelings and is a major structure in the work of "Feeling Dissolve"©. It extends approximately 30cm - 12 to 15 inches beyond the periphery of the physical. Its consistency is less structured and more cloud like. Feelings can be seen clairvoyantly as colors that surround and permeate the physical body. They can be felt as sticky, electric, lumpy, prickly, wave like, warm, cold, a void and volume. Feelings stagnate and clump together blocking the flow of information on the one hand. Secondly these blocks interfere with the optimal function of the Etheric body and so they are one of the primary causes of dis-ease. Accumulated feelings aside from being disturbing are energy consuming. The more unresolved feelings are collected the greater the energy needed to keep these at bay. Feelings are like software stored in a computer, too much of it creates an overload, causing the computer to crash. Deep Depression expresses this kind of overload. Accumulated feelings affect our thinking. It is as if we had a glass bubble surrounding us, the more feelings we hold the dirtier this bubble becomes. Our world view is influenced by this dirt, we don's see it, but see the world through it. The more dirt, the less light, diminishing our ability to have insight. Or our insight is affected, colored, distorted by this barrier of "dirt." We call this type of insight, judgment, opinion.

THE THIRD LAYER - The Mental Body     press icon for image

The third Light Body that "Feeling Dissolve"© is concerned with is the Mental Body, it is the container and processor of our thoughts. Our current life thoughts. These thoughts are constructed geometric forms, that manifest when stimulated from the vibratory information bank. One could liken this information to the hardware of the computer. Its quality enables us to reason. Naturally if the Feeling body's bubble is covered with dirt, information is unable to come through in its pure form. Bad software does not let the hardware of the computer work at its optimum. This vibratory configuration extends out to where the tip of the fingers reach when the arms are outstretched. It has a structured quality different from the Etheric. The former three light bodies mold themselves around the physical form. The Mental Body together with the Feeling Body form an EMOTION. EMOTIONS are transformed to insight when the conditioning feeling is dissolved.

THE FOURTH LAYER - The Astral Body press icon for image

The fourth Light Body, I call the Astral, it extends several feet beyond the physical periphery and it becomes an egg shaped container. The vibrational information contained by this body consists of unresolved feelings and thoughts, emotional memories from "other" (19) life experiences. These memories can be dormant, or "current life" (20) events, places or people can trigger a reaction or color our perspective. Resolving patterns that have been established at another time in our holographic history becomes one of the functions of "this current" life. These emotional patterns are the feeling qualities underlying feelings collected in the Feeling body.

THE FIFTH LAYER - The Cobalt Egg         press icon for image

The fifth Light Body, I call the Cobalt Egg, although its form is a something between a an ovoid and a sphere. It is a matrix body, holding the memory of the physical structure, the memory of the physical body in its perfect state. It is the boundary that keeps us in form. I refer to it as our "cosmic womb". This body is important in "Feeling Dissolve"© because it contains in it the four previous bodies and is responsible for the physical and emotional plasticity of the person. Spontaneous healing is the responsibility of this body. It is, once more based on Pier Luigi's experience and words, "our "master body" the control center that rules over all the others."


Before I explain the procedure of "Feeling Dissolve"©, I  would like to touch on two types of phenomena, that concern this latter body, and reconfirm that physical matter is an illusion. It is as if that which we call "life" is really the dream, and our dream state is the real reality. Without going into the philosophical discussions that this idea provokes, let me explain. In the late mid 1980's Brendan O'Reagan the now defunct director of Research of the Institute of Noetic Sciences decided to study spontaneous healing.(21) He states in a paper (22) that "Dr. Frank Putnam of the National Institute of Health, one of the country's experts on the subject (Multiple personality), has found that the electroencephalogram (EEGs) of people who go from one personality to another will change as dramatically as though the electrodes had been taken off one person and placed on another. The difference in brain activity is that great. Most intriguing is that some of these people will be allergic to a drug in one personality and not allergic to it in another. Some cases have been reported of women who've had three menstrual periods in each month because they have three different personalities, each one with its own cycle. A more peculiar situation.....I've heard of four cases,....of eye colors changing between personalities. What all of this implies is that there is an extraordinary plasticity in the relationship between mind and body."(23)

Or consider the case Vittorio Michelli, it is considered one of the 60 proven miracles of Lourdes accepted by the Vatican. This man suffered of a tumor of fusiform carcinoma in the pelvic bone. He was put into a frame from the pelvis to the feet to immobilize him and was to be treated with radiotherapy. Without being treated he was discharged. Ten months later there was increased radiological evidence of "persistent bony destruction, loss of movement of the left limb, progressive deterioration. [In fact the whole hip was being destroyed by the bone; it was being eaten away. He was literally falling apart- legs were being separated, this mass was growing, and the actual bone of the pelvis was disintegrating.] On the 24th of May, 1963 [this approximately a year after the original diagnosis] the patient left for Lourdes  where he was bathed, in his plaster, several times." "After about a month, his doctor finally consented to take his cast off and take another x-ray. ...In essence the tumor was getting smaller and smaller. It was regressing. Then the tumor disappeared and the bone began to re-grow and completely reconstruct itself. Michelli was able to walk again two months after his return from Lourdes."(24) The resulting report states "an unforeseen and even overwhelming bone reconstruction has taken place of a type unknown in the annals of world medicine."..."the patient is alive and in a flourishing state of health nine years after his return from Lourdes."(25)

Why is the above information important in the case of "Feeling Dissolve"© ? Because the work done with "Feeling Dissolve"© demonstrates our Emotional plasticity. The illusion of our beliefs about human interaction. Experiences recounted by participants of the results attained from the implementation of "Feeling Dissolve"© are just as dramatic from the emotional point of view, as the above from the physical. Let me present you with the experience of Do an artist from Milan. (26)

She stated " on the way to the workshop I wanted to visit my mother who lives in Modena. That morning as I prepared to leave I decided to work on my feelings about her. I located the feeling in my body, gave it an image, and proceeded to stroke it out, until the image was gone. I was astounded at the images I got, dragons, monsters and on and on. It took me all day, but I was determined. In the evening I finally left for Modena. When I arrived, what magic! my mother was a changed person, she was totally different form the way I had perceived her before. For the first time I was able to see our similarities and really like her."

This is what Vera's experienced. (27) Vera was working on a masters degree (Diplom in Germany) in Adult Education. Vera is very thorough and ambitious, usually doing more than is needed. When she met with the professor who was to guide her dissertation, the meeting went as follows. Vera:" He was in a hurry, had little time for me, didn't ask me what I wanted but told me what he thought I had to do. He said you can do this and that, and more and more. I felt totally overwhelmed, overrun and unacknowledged, in a word unsatisfied. I was livid when I left. I considered dropping this professor although he was the best person for my work. Then I decided to look within myself. I realized that all those feeling were my issues. I worked on my feelings, and worked and worked. I decided to request a second meeting, intending in any case to tell him how I had felt overrun. When I entered his office before me sat a totally different person. He had left a meeting especially to meet me, excused himself for not having enough time, even though we spent over and hour together. He listened patiently and suggested that I do less, not more. As we left he again apologized for not having enough time, and what really stunned me were his final words. "Are you satisfied now?". Needless to say I never said anything about feeling overwhelmed." Vera realized that her work on herself, just like Do, was what enabled the other to change. These are two examples of the many I have collected through recounting. There are no statistics yet to the validate the efficacy of this method. No clinician has done a research study. This is due partially because only recently has the feedback accumulated enough to confirm the method. Only recently have I been able to access the professionals needed to verify this work in a professional context. In Italy it is not so important to do clinical studies outside the university environment. To do a competent study, the practitioner has to live the method. For the moment this is a rarity, I know of only a few individuals, my participants who I would acknowledge as competent. Feeling Dissolve requires discipline, willingness to self examination and constant observation of oneself. It is a spiritual process that continues to challenge our Ego, as we go through the shadow into the light, in spiral form.


When we are in grace before we are born in time and space, we are immersed in love, peace, harmony, wisdom and joy. We belong, are safe and secure, as viewed with our human point of view. When we enter matter we are separated from these states. I believe that the time is right now, so that the scope of more and more of us is to integrate these state while in time and space. To be able to experience these states while being in form, enabling others to come to these states more effortlessly, due to our effort. To create a morphogenic resonance by coding into the collective unconscious this faculty, for the benefit of all humanity. Spiritually seen this is a form of service. The way we fulfill this service is immaterial. "Feeling Dissolve"© is one way.

Being separated from that state of supreme love creates a yearning, a deep yearning for this love which makes us feel secure. The fifth state of consciousness is this state of oneness. When in this state there is acceptance of things as being, neither good nor bad. A feeling free state of wisdom and empathy, a state of Unconditional Love. When we are in judgment we are conditioned by feelings. The scope of "Feeling Dissolve"© is to enable us to move beyond judgment.

To enable us to help ourselves, so as to master our emotions, guidelines have to be available. Here are the guidelines:

As stated before a basic precept of "Feeling Dissolve"© is that feelings are the source of judgment. Consequently the refusal to accept things as they are stimulates feelings in us. Retained feelings cost us energy, as mentioned earlier and distort our ability to reason. Consequently here is a basic thought "Any thing, person, event or place I want to change, want to have differently from the way it is, stimulates a feeling in me, a feeling that can be dissolved."

I have classified energy consuming feelings into two primary categories. The first category reflects our need for love, which I call "Lack of Love". Any experience we have in which we don't feel loved is reflected by this category. This feeling is not derived from the lack of love by others, it's source is our own lack of love for ourselves. What the others are doing, when we feel hurt due to their actions is to stimulate or remind us that we "Lack love" for ourselves. If feeling loved makes us feel secure and in control, then the consequence of not feeling loved is that we feel disempowered. When we feel disempowered we compensate, one of the ways is to try to feel powerful and in control. This behavior is reflected particularly by the third state of consciousness. Although the fourth state of consciousness supports this also, but in a subtler and more sophisticated way. The second primary category of feeling I call "Lack of Influence". It reflects our feelings of disempowerment and lack of control, of situations, events and people.

To start with we have the two primary categories of energy consuming feelings, "Lack of Love" and "Lack of Influence". These primary categories can be used to identify feelings raised in situations that are nondescript, or there are a collection of feeling. To particularize the feeling more, I have divide the two primary feeling categories into groups of seven energy consuming feelings. These groups are scaled according to the amount of energy they require to keep them suppressed. The most energy consuming feeling is HOPELESSNESS, a subcategory of "Lack of Influence" simplified "LI"; the second most energy consuming feeling is PAIN, sorrow, a subcategory of "Lack of Love", simplified "LL"; the third most energy consuming feeling is FEAR a subcategory of "LI"; the fourth energy consuming feeling, is GUILT a subcategory of "LL"; the fifth is DESIRE, wanting, a subcategory of "LI"; the sixth is ANGER, a subcategory of "LI" Anger uses less energy because it can be expressed. Great amounts of unexpressed anger leads to depression. Deeply felt unexpressed Pain can transforms itself into Anger. The last and least energy consuming feeling is ARROGANCE, it is a subcategory of "LL".

Up to now we have been examining energy consuming feelings. There are also feelings that generate energy. The first of these is VALOR, reflected by courage. The courage to undertake something. However this is not always a pure feeling, its motivating factor can be Anger. The ideal motivation is when it is stimulated by LOVE. Unconditional Love. Love for the victim and for the victimizer. The fifth state of consciousness. Valor motivated by the fourth state is feeling conditioned, because it is still based on principles. And principles as discussed previously, are judgments. The next energy generating state, is that of ACCEPTANCE. Acceptance is beyond feeling, it a state in which things, people, situations simply ARE. It is a state of "IS"ness. Things are neither good nor bad they simply are. The more we are in ACCEPTANCE the more we experience the state of HARMONY, which is peace, the next state. Ultimately out of HARMONY prevails UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. This state is a state of bliss, of oneness.

The above mentioned are the feelings we can have. Energy consuming ones which transformed become states of ACCEPTANCE, HARMONY and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. The feelings are called by a name, HOPELESSNESS, PAIN, FEAR, GUILT, DESIRE, ANGER, ARROGANCE. Giving names to these feelings is to reduce the multitude of expressions that we use for each one of the feelings to seven simple terms. Just a few examples, Boredom is word that is a minimal reflection of Hopelessness, Despair is another; Anxiety is another word for Fear; Wanting is one for Desire, Rage is one for Anger; Forgiving one that expresses Arrogance. To forgive someone is to assume someone has done something wrong. This is a judgment. Since there is neither right nor wrong, there is nothing to forgive. Feeling wronged, places us into a stance of victim and the other into the role of victimizer. From the fifth state of consciousness we accept that we are co-creators, creating experiences for lesson learning purpose of recognizing the held feelings, which then can be sublimated. In my case by using "Feeling Dissolve"© .


Earlier we discussed the different Light Bodies, Feelings as stated, accumulate in the Feeling Body. Feelings, even though we name them, are abstract something that we feel as uncomfortable some where in our body. Over the years of working with this method, I discovered that one of the fastest ways to access accumulated feelings, and enable us to recognize how intense, big or small the feeling is, is to give it a form. The system works like the wave and the particle. An electron is a wave, until attention is focused on it in the form of a lazar beam. The moment a lazar contacts the wave the electron becomes a particle. The same thing happens with feelings, these abstract something float around and though the physical body like meaningless clouds. When we think of an event we experience this abstract something somewhere in our body. This can be inside or on the surface. By localizing this abstract something we are attending to it, by giving it a form we are concretizing it. This form can be an object that has a size, volume, can be a container with something in it. It can be large or small, have a color, feel heavy or dense. After recognizing the feeling, accepting it, if you will, it is dissolved. In my work I use techniques that derive from Therapeutic Touch, pulling, stroking the image based feeling out of the body, using my hands, until the image has disappeared. When process is complete, light is imagined filling the space. When the light does not go in, it is a clue that other feelings are still held in that area, and the procedure is repeated until the space fills completely with light.

Once the feeling has been dissolved the individual checks back on the event that stimulated the feeling. If the procedure is successful, the event is neutralized, seems never to have happened, moves far away and/or new insight into the situation is attained. The process is very easy, uncomplicated extremely fast and immensely successful. I have been able to resolved deep traumas of sexual abuse carried in the psyche of the individual for years, in minutes. I have discovered that in our multi-dimensionality we are more complicated than I imagined, but things are simpler to deal with than we can imagine. We don't have to live through our traumas by re-experiencing them, we can create metaphors for them, dissolving them in moments. With "Feeling Dissolve"© in action we can learn to observe ourselves from moment to moment. The more we use it the less we need it, and although a life that is lived never ceases to be a challenge for growth. These ups and downs change configuration, the spaces between the downs becoming ever greater, less frequent, and when these come the time spent confronting them shorter and shorter. Weeks of suffering are reduced to days, days to hours, hours to minutes.

The consequence of all this is that life becomes clearer, more joyful, harmonious, creative. Needyness disappears, replaced by satisfaction, faith and purpose. The purpose to experience our light, be light, share light and love, with one and all, all the time, any where. As we master our Feeling Body our Mental Body becomes master, filled with wisdom and clarity. At a higher frequency, the consequence of clearing out held feelings from Feeling Body, is that we are able to clear out older held dross of the Astral Body, clearing the way for UNCONDITIONAL LOVE to permeate our being. The Etheric Body responsible for our health is less stressed, functions better, and the capacity to heal ourselves is increased monumentally by allowing the energy to flow freely from body to body that allows the innate knowing of the Cobalt Egg to support our good health. Non of this should be desired or strived for, it is a process that happens easily, by itself as we move from moment to moment with ever more faith, clarity, wisdom, joy, harmony and love.

The steps defined as they are in my forthcoming book "Eleven Steps to Emotional Balance and Clarity of Mind" How to use "Feeling Dissolve"© to reduce stress, increase Emotional Intelligence by mastering the emotions



Is there anything that happened today or recently that bothers me, a person or a situation that I would like different than it is?


Is it a feeling of Lack of Love I don’t feel accepted in some way, or feel hurt. Or is it a feeling of Lack of Influence, do I want a situation or person to be different from the way they are?


Is it in my body, or outside my body?


Is the feeling a container with content? A pot or something else? Is it big or little? Is it dense or transparent? Is it hard or soft? Is it thick or thin? Is it heavy or light? Is it dark or light? Does it have a color? Is it something else? Perhaps it is only a vibration, not an image, or a smell, or even a geometric form. No matter what you experience focus on that something

# 5) ATTEND TO THE FEELING - keep your attention on the feeling, its image'


Your answer would be NO! ( Remember that by materializing this metaphor (the form) for the feeling we are observing it, acknowledging it, recognizing that we have it. That is our intent. The purpose of this exercise is not to get rid of the feeling, even though the outcome is that it dissolves.


Using the hands is helpful especially at the beginning when we first use this method, it is useful for very dense feelings. Try to experience the quality of the vibration as you pull it our, is it prickly, sticky, cold, like a wave of hot air, otherwise? If it is too large or dense, try rubbing your hands together as if you were undoing it. It does not matter what quality you expedience or even if you perceive any at all, especially at first. It is interesting that we can be aware that feelings have a qualities at all.


Can you fill the void with light? Does the light switch go on? or whatever your other choices is? a candle? sun light? a flood light,? Does the space becomes flooded with light? Or do you have a warm feeling in the area where the feeling used to be? Does it only fill partially with light? In this case or if it does not receive light at all, you have other feelings blocking and you need to re- do your process starting with Step # 1.


We re-evaluate as we work though a situation, to reach the neutral state. Once you have truly dissolved the feeling, reached the state of acceptance about the person or situation, what you experience will depend on the situation. You may feel more relaxed, confident if it is something you have to face, a decision you have to make. Or if it is something that bothered you it may have distanced itself from you, as if it never happened, become unimportant, or you may gain a new perspective, new understanding.


You already may have done so if the space did not fill with light. But even if it did sometimes when we review the situation a new feeling presents itself and we start with Step # 1 again.

# 11) RECOGNIZE SOME OF MY BODY FELT FEELINGS WHEN I HAVE DISSOLVED THE FEELING? Do I let out a big sigh? Can I breathe better? Deeper? Do I feel more relaxed? More peaceful?



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