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Explanations and uses of the method of

"Amplified" Therapeutic Touch


"Amplified" Therapeutic Touch is based on the parameters of Therapeutic Touch. It is a method of ‘laying on of hands’ that is usually used in an interactive procedure where one person is the active Healing-helper and the other is the healee. We can with limitations and particularly in emergencies use "Amplified" Therapeutic Touch on ourselves, although it is more pleasant to have it done to us.

I learned Therapeutic Touch in 1982 at School of Nursing of New York University, my teachers the pioneers of this method. I started teaching Therapeutic Touch in Europe in 1984 and continue to do so at present. As the method evolved in the Americas in a certain direction my teaching circumstances and my years of experience propelled my approach to Therapeutic Touch in a slightly different direction. Either because things happened during treatments or in the workshops or new techniques from other ‘laying on of hands’ healing approaches demonstrated their merit, which encouraged a shift in approach and an inclusion into the treatment procedure. The basic Therapeutic Touch become what I now call "Amplified". The core approach is the same, starting with Intent, the centered state, assessment of the field, with the same goal of bringing into balance and harmony the subtle energy system of the client. Based on my experience and what I experienced and knew, I felt it important to add and teach a different and wider ranging approach to the human energy system. I call this study Spiritual Anatomy. The participants learn to recognize with their hands the different layers of the human energy system and work on the level and the distance from the physical body that they are most comfortable with. Different qualities and blocks are found in different layers of the field (see the illustrations from my book pictured and described.) In addition I am a firm believer in the implementation and ability to recognize and use the frequencies of colors and so that is taught. Whereas traditional Therapeutic Touch has gotten compressed and accelerated trying to use the minimum of time for the maximum effect. My work has expanded requiring more time for treatment when possible or necessary. The effect is deep and long term, can be profoundly transformational and healing. Most of all it is extremely relaxing and enjoyed by the friends, family members and client alike. Like traditional Therapeutic Touch "Amplified" Therapeutic Touch can be used at all times in all circumstances with people of all ages. It is always useful and helpful. It can be used as an energy massage, a treatment for illness, in physical therapy or psychotherapy, assisting the birthing or the dying, it dovetails extremely well with "FEELING DISSOLVE"© I usually conclude a session of "FEELING DISSOLVE"© with my treatment of "Amplified" Therapeutic Touch, which helps my client to integrate without strain the energetic transformation that the work with "FEELING DISSOLVE"© sets in motion.

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